” I received your beautiful creation yesterday…it is wonderful. The design is perfect and the coloring turned out beautifully. I can feel the freeing and otherworldly vibrations of it. I’m enjoying the kimono very much; it provides so much light and energy and there is nothing else like it. With this kimono design, there is a marrying of light healing, energy healing, with the clothes we wear, which can help raise the vibration of so many girls today.” ~ Marlene, Chicago, USA


Custom Art Work on Kimono Robe.

Phoebe, with “Embracing the Joy of the Adventure of Life 1” I can see right into the angelic kingdom… it is like no image I have ever seen before, truly astonishing… Blessings“~Ciara Young of the Blazing Heart Foundation


“(Phoebe)The images give a sense of the essence of life flowing through everything. It’s like seeing into chakras or into the energy flow of spaces. I love the fullness of experiencing an entire series.”-Barbara, Colorado, USA

“I’ve been having wonderful upgrades and downloads on a regular basis.Today in particular when I arose I realized I am in a new universe. I am aware ALL burdens/heaviness have fallen away, I am just filled with a delightful JOY!
Thank you again for assisting me on my journey. Much continues to open and expand, exposing more and more that has been hidden.”(Belvaspata Blessing)- Naomi, Vancouver, Canada

“The depth conveyed through your art touches my core. I LOVE the nuances of the turns of phrase of each aphorism, and honor the source of inspiration as I can feel you have in each aware and reverent act of creating these cards – from the paradoxical, evocative artwork, to the vibrancy of the print quality, to the impetus and leveraging capacity inherent in each of the statements…. This is a potentized, alchemical doorway of exponential potential revelatory power… From the depths of my heart, I appreciate the sharing of such a potent and masterfully created gift” (Phoebe’s Elixir Cards)- Jodie, Prince Edward Island.

“Phoebe, your blessing elixir just keeps on giving. I love it. Almost every time I look at it I experience something new. Thank you!”(Personal Blessing Elixir)-Jane, Ireland

Custom Artwork Printed on Canvas.


“It has been a privilege and an honor to be part of this unprecedented experience with you (Foundation to a Miraculous Life. AFA). Your works of art have been such an integral part of the program – I can’t imagine the live events having the same potency without them. I am in deep appreciation of (your)these beautiful pieces.Thank you for demonstrating being “an unfolding work of art.”- Elyse Killoran, Facilitator for Academy of Fragrance Alchemy, Founder of (http://choosingprosperity.com/)

“Phoebe’s images are stunning as well as activating. They are very useful in activating all the hidden centers in the body. Best way I can describe how I sense you:  “The purity of your essence precedes you!”- Anita Briggs, Academy of Fragrance Alchemy (http://www.academyoffragrancealchemy.com/)

” I breathed them in (light elixirs) just before sleep last night. They felt soo wonderful. My eyes, which are not welcoming much right now, very sensitive, and hard to focus…. seemed to completely swallow, every brushstroke, every color, and all the graceful fluidity in each elixir, in such a way, I hadn’t felt before…. they truly felt medicinal in healing… like “just what the doctor ordered” I could feel them entering my eyes, and I felt a click or shift in my right eye. Sooo very soothing, Thank you so very much.”-Marisa, Hawaii

“I cant put into words the sacredness of your art work.  I just feel so honoured that you share your sacred medicine drawings. I feel shifted from your exquisite beauty every moment I see them anew and feel a divine wonderment unfold in new and unexplored ways… Everything on your website speaks volumes to my heart , it feels like I enter into the realms of magic and real merging into one harmonious expression, birthed into physicality.”-Vanessa, Ireland

“I am in awe of graceful flow of light & frequency – very inspirational and beautiful.”-Simon Kehinde (http://www.holisticmaster.com/)

“Phoebe, Your creations impact me to my core. So powerful. Such precision and contrast in flowing harmony. Thank you for sharing your gift! In Love, Praise , and Gratitude!”  –Nancy

“Absolutely stunning! Love your work, I could be with each one of them for hours. It’s like a door way to eternity. So alive. Thanks for the beauty you share. Blessings” –Knowla Le’Cree (http://Divinelyguided.ca)

Special Delivery!


“I hired Phoebe to make a series of commissioned elixirs for my website and I am absolute delighted beyond words by the results! I trusted her completely to follow her intuitive, instinctive artistic direction on what needed to be expressed for me, and couldn’t be more happy with what she came up with. She tuned into my being, and combined her unique sense of that with her skill of communication with the Angelic Kingdoms to design for me exactly what I was looking for, without me even knowing precisely what that was myself. I am particularly impressed by the blend of practical professionalism and evolved spiritual expression that Phoebe infuses into any interaction with her, and can highly recommend her services both from the perspective of her artistic talent and just being an all round excellent person to work with. It is not uncommon to encounter an artist with spiritual gifts, but Phoebe’s are on a whole other level.There is far more than meets the eye to be explored here, and I whole-heartedly endorse diving deeply into these offerings!”-Ciara Young (http://www.theblazingheartfoundation.com/)

“Thank you again for your wisdom and lighting the way in areas I am exploring within myself. It is such an honor to connect with your pure and loving expression. As for your Goddess Elixirs, I have been loving exploring a few right now; Panatura, Orikala, Ishanama. Each one is beyond exquisite and I feel they are contributing to this intense creative “shakti” energy. Truly remarkable.”~Shelley, Canada 

“Your exquisite art awakens the ‘poetic perspective’ and the fluid essence of the unfolding moment.”- Karen Folgarelli

“I have no words, only,I feel the beloved mystical realms in each piece in unique ways I feel the magic emanate from these beautiful pieces to my cells (personal blessing elixirs). It feels to me like you painted The Ancient Garden also through your magical sacred art,  it so feels like a divine syncronicity to me. How beautiful. I find myself revisiting these unique pieces over again , they bring my heart much joy and I feel much depth in each one many layers of communication to which I am grateful.”- Vanessa, Ireland

“Phoebe, I appreciate your light elixirs which helped open doorways. I feel the colors on my skin, reflecting the beautiful and deep mystical patterns…Thank you! I have been feeling on edge since yesterday and your elixirs filled the missing songs and immediately brought relief and deep peace.”-FrankUSA

“Phoebe, your blessing elixir just keeps on giving. I love it. Almost every time I look at it I experience something new. Thank you!”(Personal Blessing Elixir)–Jane, Ireland

“Your artistic creations delight me and activate the alchemical cauldron within each time I experience them as I continue to explore the material from the Foundation to a Miraculous Life program. They evoke such deep and ever renewing connection to the Infinite. It is so exciting to anticipate the magic and poetry of a new light elixir . . .  “-Yvonne, USA

Artwork Printed for Collection of Bedding.