I stand with the underneath world as She exposes her tunnels in the turning of the Spring.

Her tunnels will soon be hidden, and all of life will reach for the above-hearth world, the starry-webbed moon, and bow in the westward wind.

She is like a blanketed basket of that which is gone and that which is becoming.

Spring Forest-scape, Digital Collage,Original Photographs.

Garden Wall

This is a mix of my garden love affair and my admiration of pigmented plaster walls falling apart in the stunning sun of Central America. My photos were captured in Guatemala. This collage is also reminiscent of the gorgeous flowered canopies one walks past in the narrow streets of San Pedro.

The Mossy Abbey Garden

I love making abstract art, full of texture and patterns. Every layer is from photos I took in Abbey gardens in France. I feel so much mystery created between source and art, through abstraction.

Replaced 1

Original photography, digital collage.

I have a large collection of photos I have taken from my travels through Central America of worn walls in antique streets.

Replaced 2

Seeing through layers of paint and plaster intrigues me, and any efforts to replace or upgrade them.

Replaced 3

I love to see the memories of a wall that so many of us walk by in a public thoroughfare; when I am far from home this evidence comports me.

Gardens have printed themselves into how I see the world.
These dark blooms may be holding space for what’s to come.
Or these dark blooms may be holding space for light.
An awareness of what has been.
Veiled Garden Series, Dark Blooms 3’,
original photography, digital collage.